7 celebrities who’ll make you want to grow your hair

Lily Collins long hair

The looks that will make you want to say goodbye to your treasured lob

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / November 01 2018

No hairstyle has become as universally popular in recent years as the lob. And while we’ll never stop loving Margot Robbie’s choppy style or Jenna Dewan’s blunt ‘do, we think it’s about time long hair started trending again. If you’ve been thinking about growing out your treasured lob (or bob or pixie cut), but have been hesitant to commit to the change, take inspiration from our list of long-haired celebrities.

Shailene Woodley

While Shailene’s long hair might be all the one length, we love how her multi-toned blonde colour and smudged roots create movement and depth to her otherwise-understated style.  

Jessica Biel

The only thing we love more than textured waves are textured waves with a front fringe! Jessica’s addition of copper-toned highlights also give her look a more summery and relaxed vibe.

Lily Collins

Girls with thick hair, take note! Your bundles of hair needn’t stop you from having long locks. To prevent your thick strands from weighing your style down, opt for a layered look like Lily Collins. By removing unnecessary thickness, your locks will look soft and fresh, rather than heavy and lifeless.

Dakota Johnson

Nobody rocks a curtain fringe and long hair combo quite like Dakota Johnson. The popular (and relatively low-maintenance) fringe is the perfect way to add texture to a pared-back and simple long hairstyle.

Shay Mitchell

While it might take a few years before you’ll have strands long enough to rival Shay Mitchell’s, there’s no doubt her dramatic and sleek style makes a statement! The key is healthy hair if you want to nail that next-level shine.

Anne Hathaway

If a middle part just isn’t up your alley, take your cues from Anne Hathaway. We love how her side part and those babylights through the mid-lengths to ends create a look that is both youthful and modern.

Jennifer Lopez

While extensions played a big role in creating JLo’s look, she’s still the perfect inspiration for ultra-long hair. If you want to grow your hair to this length, remember you’ll need to invest in weekly hair masks to keep it in tip-top condition and free from breakage and splitting.

Before you embark on your journey to long hair, you need to ensure you’re equipped with a haircare line-up of products and tools that will encourage growth and keep your hair in good condition. Two quick fixes are swapping out your traditional pillowcases for silk ones and using a low heat setting when blow-drying your hair. We love Slip Silk Pillowcases and VS Sassoon’s Intelligent Digital Sensor Hairdryer for the job. Silk pillowcases cause less friction and damage in comparison to ordinary cotton pillowcases; and this VS Sassoon hairdryer has an in-built digital sensor that ensures a uniform temperature of 70 degrees to protect hair from excessive heat damage.

But the best way to achieve the long locks you’ve always wanted is to incorporate hair care products that help stimulate growth while keeping your hair healthy and strong, like Kérastase’s new Resistance Extentioniste range. The long hair ‘training program’ consists of a few in-salon treatments and a set of at-home haircare products that work to encourage up to four centimetres of new hair growth over three months; all while keeping strands healthy. If you want to see just how effective the range is, make sure to check out how much Beauty Crew's Beauty Editor, Iantha's hair grew after her three month trial

To begin the 12-week program, you’ll first need to pop in to a Kérastase salon to have your scalp diagnosed. The diagnosis uses of a high-tech camera that analyses the density, hair diameter, sensitivity, sebum and dandruff levels of your scalp, as well as the erosion, dryness and shine of your hair. What follows is a relaxing in-salon treatment, whereby two reparative liquid and cream formulas are massaged throughout your hair, followed by the strengthening Kérastase Serum Extentioniste being applied to both your scalp and lengths. The powerhouse serum is loaded with ceramides, which encourage growth and leave hair smooth and soft from the inside out. Before you leave your first in-salon appointment, you’ll be given four Kérastase products to use at home – Bain Extentioniste (shampoo), Fondant Extentioniste (conditioner), Masque Extentioniste (mask) and Serum Extentioniste (scalp and fibre serum). Before you leave the salon, make sure to book in for another treatment at the halfway point. The second treatment is the same as the first minus the consultation and scalp diagnosis.

If you want to try the training program for yourself, use Kérastase’s salon locator to find the closest hairdresser that offers the treatment.

Which one of these long-haired celebs is your ultimate inspiration? Let us know in the comments section below.

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