The tricks to master a statement red lip

The secret to a modern look is all in the lip texture

Beauty Crew Digital Content Director / November 23 2016

No matter the occasion, it’s hard to beat a bold red lip for instant glamour. So we caught up with Victoria Baron, official makeup artist for CHANEL Australia, to discover exactly how to make this go-to classic, chic and modern. Here she reveals the easy steps you need to take, plus – most importantly – the secret to mastering it. (Hint: it’s all in the makeup textures – radiant skin, subtly shimmering eyes and, of course, a bold, matte lip).


Apply your base

To prepared skin, dot foundation to the centre of your face and blend outwards. Then conceal the areas that need it, including under the eyes and around the nose and mouth.


Fill in your brows

Lightly stroke through brow powder in an upward motion, working from the inner corner of your brows outwards. Alternate between two shades for natural definition.


Sculpt your features

Lightly sweep a matte bronzer from your temples, to under your cheeks and down the neck.


Perfect your pout

Dust loose powder around the edges of your mouth to prevent your lipstick from bleeding. Starting at the Cupid’s bow, outline the edge of your mouth with a sharp red pencil and then fill in the lip. For a modern finish, opt for a matte liquid lipstick, such as Chanel’s latest lip offering, Rouge Allure Ink, which glides on like a balm but provides up to six hours of punchy, velvety colour. Apply your chosen shade with a lip brush to fill in your lips. Re-apply at the centre of your mouth for extra vibrancy. 


Define your eyes

Your bold red lip is the focus of your look, so balance it by subtly defining your eyes. Start by applying a metallic brown eyeshadow with a flat brush. Pat it on and then blend upwards into the socket. Next, using a lighter shade and a small brush, highlight the inner corners of your eyes. Finally, apply mascara from the roots of the lashes and up into the ends. Turn the brush vertically to push more mascara into the roots for added definition.

TOP TIP: Using the same highlighting shade, sweep the powder along the tops of your cheekbones for instant radiance.

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Makeup credit: Victoria Baron for CHANEL

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