HOW did Sandra Oh get rid of her fringe so easily?!

sandra oh how to hide a fringe

Rhetorical question, because we know (or have some theories)

Beauty Crew Editor / April 05 2019

The gorgeous Sandra Oh (forever Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy to me) took to the red carpet for the premiere of the second season of her show Killing Eve, and we can all agree she looked radiant, and glowing, and just overall, very, VERY nice.

But I had one overwhelming thought.

Where the hell did her fringe go? You know the short, full, glorious fringe she hasn't had for very long at all?!

Let’s cast our minds back to the Critics’ Choice Awards when she debuted her new hair vibe – curly hair with a curly full fringe. That was in January.

And even just a few days ago, the (currently-MIA) short bangs were again out in full force.

And yet here she is with a forehead that's very visible.

Now, I’ve cut and grown out enough fringes to know that it takes a LOT more time (and tears) to grow out a fringe

So, what’s the deal here? 

Well, I got some expert reassurance from award-winning Australian hairstylist Sarah Laidlaw that there’s not some kind of hair-growing sorcery behind Sandra’s lost bangs – “Her fringe is still there. Obviously, you can't grow hair overnight.”

Turns out Sandra’s hairstylist simply used some neat styling tricks to side-sweep her bangs back. 

“They’ve styled it in a side part rather than forward on to her face. This makes it easier to blend the bulky ends of the fringe in. And they've done the fringe area with a slight wave. This makes blending the ends into the rest of the hair more seamless. Then the ends are smooth rather than curled so the straight ends can brush in to the rest of the hair and blend,” says Laidlaw.    


I wanted to know more so I asked Laidlaw, as well as Scott Sloan from Sloans of Lane Cove, to dish on all the super easy tricks those of us considering cutting a fringe this autumn/winter (*emoji hand up*) will need when we’ve had just about enough of the damn thing (inevitable, really). 

#1 / Part and prep

Instead of opting for your usual centre part, while your hair is damp, create a deep side part and apply a lotion or cream to help weigh down the curls and any frizziness. Sloan recommends L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Transformation Lotion.

#2 / Blow-dry in the right direction

Use your blow-dryer to direct your hair away from your face. “Use a small ceramic round brush and direct your hair back off the face to create movement and volume, allowing the fringe to sit softly while being pushed back away from face,” says Sloan. Set with hairspray.

#3 / Blend the fringe into the rest of your hair

Next, you’re going to need your straightener. “Create a gentle wave with your straightening iron, making sure you don't curl the ends. You’ll want to keep the ends straighter to blend in,” says Laidlaw. Oh, and don’t forget your heat protection. We like Wella Smooth Thermal Image, but there are a whole bunch that have gotten rave reviews.

#4 / Set and forget

Finish off by combing the wave into shape. Laidlaw suggests using a tiny amount of pomade to help control the wave. Then, “Fix with a hairspray to keep your secret safe”.

This technique works best if you're choosing a textured style like Sandra Oh's, but we reckon it'll work on a variety of styles and lengths – regardless of whether you have short hair, longer hair or even long bangs, if you want to wear it out, half up, or in a full ponytail (the only tricky style may be a top knot, but that's where bobby pins will be your best friend).

If you’re after an even easier trick for hiding a fringe (albeit not as discreet), you can always wear your fringe slicked-back with the help of cute hair clips or bobby pins.

Need some help styling your curtain fringe? Follow these easy steps.

Do you have any styling tricks for growing out bangs (or just temporarily hiding them)? Let us know in the comments section below.

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