Vintage blonde is the stunning golden hair trend replacing platinum

And the upkeep is way easier

Editor / July 04 2022

It’s no secret nostalgia is highly responsible for a lot of recent beauty trends. Taking cue from past decades has become an everyday occurrence, which is exactly how the latest hair trend ‘vintage blonde’ was born.

Platinum and icy shades have long reigned supreme over the last decade, and as such, you’d be hard-pressed to find a blonde that doesn’t have a purple shampoo in her shower.

But the tides are turning and warm, golden versions of blonde are being embraced again. We’d even go as far as saying a hint of yellow is in…

Vintage blonde icons and inspiration

You know how you’ll usually take a photo (or 10) to show your hairdresser the colour you want? That’s where vintage blonde gets its name. Because rather than the inspiration coming from modern muses, it’s the old Hollywood bombshells we’re starting to cite.

Think: Grace Kelly, Veronica Lake and a ‘60s Goldie Hawn.

Grace Kelly

Veronica Lake

Goldie Hawn

Of course, there are always celebrities ahead of the curve and some of your favourite A-listers have been sporting a vintage blonde shade already. 

The likes of Sydney Sweeney, Ella Purnell and Jodie Comer have all shown a toastier side of their bleached manes if you were after some 2022 inspiration.




How to pull off vintage blonde

If you’ve been a platinum blonde for yonks and are wondering how to go warmer, there are a couple of tweaks you can make.

#1/ Ask your hairdresser to add a warm tint

Good colour will always start in the salon chair, so be sure to communicate to your colourist what you’re after. They’re likely to suggest a warm tint or gloss and will ease up on the toning.

#2/ Try getting only a half head of foils

If your natural colour is warmer than your bleached alter ego, swap your usual full head of foils for half a head and let some of it shine through.

#3/ Skip every second purple shampoo 

Tone down (sorry, we had to) your purple shampoo usage. Try every second wash to what you’re currently doing and see how it goes.

Main image credit: @bobbyeliot

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